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What we do

Academy are a mobile consultancy where all members of our team are experienced software engineers and hiring managers.  

Our team have built apps for some of Australia’s largest corporates and startups - apps with millions of daily users.  

We’ve interviewed and hired hundreds of developers for our own teams and bring this knowledge to our own company.  

We aim to be an extension of your business - your external hiring team.

We Hire In The Following Areas

Mobile Development

iOS Mobile Developers
Android Mobile Developers
API Developers & Architects
DevOps & Test Automation

Team Leaders

Technical Leads
Technical Directors
Head of Engineering

Emerging Technology

Mobile Augmented Reality
Internet of Things - IoT
AI and ML

How we’re different

At Academy we are developers who hire developers

 Typically we put forward candidates we have worked alongside in the past or who have worked with trusted contacts - our network is wide and trusted.

We pre-screen for technical ability and cultural fit to ensure only the right developers are sent for roles - that way we don’t waste our clients or candidates precious time on interviews that just aren’t worthwhile.  

We spend time with clients to find out just how their technology stack and culture work, so we know which candidates would be a great fit.  

We spend time with candidates to work out a career plan and discover what their goals are. We establish the type of work they love (and hate), the environment they work best in and most importantly - the areas they want to expand their knowledge and grow.

We’ve spent our careers building great digital teams. It's what we love -that's why we want to help build and find great teams for you.

How we work

And what it means to you!

Every Day

Getting to know you and your business

We spend a great deal of time being active in the mobile development community to identify the best talent in Australia; we’re also constantly working to gain a better understanding of the technology and team culture in your business.   

We are ambassadors for you as a client, helping candidates understand your tech, your culture and make great matches for chosen roles.

We similarly work as advocates for our candidates, helping them plan their career and find their perfect role.

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We value your time and we promise not to waste it

Once we’ve found a potential hire for your role we engage them in a deep dive session; this highlights their strengths and where they want to build their skills and helps us determine cultural fit.

We get really technical - often writing code with them if we haven’t worked together before - so we can make sure they’re a great developer.

If they’re the right person to send for an interview we give you an extremely focused CV containing only the relevant information you need as a hiring manager.

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Post placement

We’re committed to making great a placement and what comes after

We’re here at every step of the way when it comes to making great placements and ensuring everything runs as smooth as possible.

We maintain a constant line of contact with clients and candidates - we’re always available to ensure a great and happy outcome from every placement.  

Our job is never complete.

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Complementary Services

We offer a range of other services, please get in touch for more information.

Screening Services

Outsource your screening for certain roles to us and we'll be able to give you the "Academy Certified" seal of approval if they pass muster.

CTO as a Service

Helping startups with non-technical co-founders, to hire teams, build technology roadmaps and give expert advice with simple flexible terms.

Consultancy Services

Everything from problem solving, systems architecture, technical recommendations to restructuring teams and building great culture.


“I don't think I've had such a quick turnaround from hearing about a job, to actually getting a job, hopefully this is the first of many successful placements for you guys!”

Larry The Cat

Senior Lead Placement

“Brilliant news, great work here team. Mike is a really strong candidate, and we're looking forward to bringing him on-board.”

Catnis Evergreen

Global Agency Client